Main Reasons Why You Have Few Twitter Followers


Twitter is a social channel that thrives on a person’s relationship with his/her followers. For you to be successful in twitter, you should put yourself in the shoes of your followers and add something meaningful in their lives. In addition to this, you should invest time and learn how this platform works. This post is going to highlight the common mistake that twitter followers make. Some of these mistakes can increase the chances of people blocking or unfollowing you.

Incomplete Profile

avatar profiles

The process involved in setting up one’s profile is easy and so quick, but you can still find some profiles which are not complete. For instance, some of them don’t have an avatar. Most people who want to follow would like to know more about you, both personally and professionally. Avoid being shy since you are looking for friends on this platform.

Automated Tweets

Having an automated stream is similar to making noise in someone’s ear. People will not read your tweets if they are from automated streams like Facebook pages or news service. In essence, people will sign up to their Facebook pages, or RSS feeds instead of reading your tweets and following you.

Selling On One’s Profile

You can find many people on Twitter who describe themselves as experts or guru. This is one of the terrible mistakes that you can make. It is advisable to have some humility when using social media platforms like Twitter. The other thing that can negatively affect your account has overly salesy or corporate custom backgrounds. You should customize your background and avoid selling to people who have not made contact.

Indiscriminate Followers

Some Twitter users don’t understand why they are being followed by seemingly random organizations or people. There is no need to follow back if you can not figure out why such people are following you.

Imbalanced Following/Follower Lists


Following many people when you have few followers is not a problem. If you are not relevant to people, you will have few followers, yet you are following significantly more people. This might suggest that you are after numbers, and you are using automated follower tools. Otherwise, there is no point if your annual bonus is not linked to the number of followers.

Unbalanced twitter Stream

An ideal twitter profile should have exciting broadcasts, 30 % retweets, and about thirty percent replies. Ten percent of the total tweets should be promotional messages.