Common Causes of Balcony Water Leaks That You Should Know

A balcony does not only have many functions in a house but can also give you options how to decorate your house’ exterior. It is mainly constructed as an extension of your living room or smaller balconies can be adjoined to bedrooms, too. When you are on your balcony, you get to feel the outdoors, view the sceneries, and get some fresh air. It also very enjoyable to have your morning coffee or evening tea on your balcony to witness the sunrise and sunset. For those with limited space inside their homes, the balcony can be used to store bikes, skateboards, and other things.

A well-maintained and decorated balcony can undoubtedly upgrade the aesthetics of your home’s façade. Potted plants or hanging ornamentals can be enough to give life to your whole house. It can also be the center of your home’s decorations during the Christmas season.

But balconies when not well-maintained or properly constructed can have leaks which may not damage your adjacent external walls and other structures. If unchecked for the longest time, it can lead to collapse. To check and repair your leaking balcony, Balcony Waterproofing Melbourne can be the best solution. Here’s are the common causes of balcony water leaks that you should be aware of.

Unsealed Masonry Surface

The most commonly used materials for masonry surface are tiles, concrete, and grout. These are not water-proof at all. They are naturally porous and so water can pass through the membrane. If left unsealed, expect that your balcony can be damaged over time.

Cracked Balcony Surface

Once you accidentally drop a heavy object on a balcony floor tile masonry surface, the tile may crack, opening up the surface for water to penetrate. Patching the crack and finishing it off with a sealant can solve the problem. Dislodged tiles should also be returned and sealed immediately.

Membrane Failure

The waterproofing membrane used have a lifespan of 5-10 years. This means it can degrade after these years. Failure can also result from substandard quality membrane or poor workmanship.

Water Pooling on Balcony

When water frequently pools on your balcony, the rate of developing water leaks becomes higher. This can be caused by poor drainage, insufficient falls, and error in construction.

Structural Expansion

Buildings may expand and contract as a result of extreme thermal changes. This may result in cracked balconies, exterior walls, and floors. Tiles can also be dislodged, cracks on the grout between tiles can be formed, and the area where the exterior wall and the balcony are adjoined can have a visible line in between them. All these are potential spaces for water cause balcony water leaks.






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