Housing Options for Millennials


Millenials are growing, and they have entered an age where they are now the prominent customers for buying housing. They currently make up sixty percent of the market in the real estate industry. This technological savvy generation is the ultimate target when it comes to real estate today.

There is an extensive array of several different types of housing these days. In this article, we will be talking about several housing options that millennials are interested in. Here are some housing options for millennials.

Condos and apartments

condoOne of the most important things for consideration that you need to keep in mind when buying yourself a place to live is the proximity from your home to your workplace. That is why condos and apartments are very popular options when it comes to housing choices for the millennial.

Condos and apartments can easily be found in city centers and business centers. That is why it is a great housing option if you want to have a place that is close to where you are working. Another great reason to buy a condo or an apartment is the view. You are high up on several floors above which makes the view from the windows of your place quite spectacular.

Unconventional housing

In this dunconventional housingay and age, you can find that there are quite a great amount of unconventional options when it comes to housing. One of the most popular types of housing is the tiny house. One of the things that millennials are big on these days is minimalism. That is why they are also big on tiny houses. It is a great option if you have a small family and you want to declutter your life from having too many possessions.

Other unconventional housings that millennials are keen on are boat houses, pallet homes, a mobile home, an RV, shipping containers, yurts, manufactured homes, and so on.

Conventional housing

houseAlthough traditional and conventional may seem out of the ordinary when it comes to millennials, conventional and traditional housing are still a very popular choice for this generation. However, they do prefer a few changes. Millenials are now quite environmentally conscious, they now prefer greener homes that implement energy efficiency. They also prefer bigger kitchens and an open floor plan. Some also prefer a technologically savvy and smart home.

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