Signs That You Have Mold In Your Home

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Mold isn’t always visible. It can be as smell to feeling sick. If you suspect mold in your home, take it as soon as possible. Make sure you address underlying leakage or flooding issues first. Apart from affecting the health, mold can also affect the structural damage of the house.

If the mold is visible, the color might be green or light yellow. Water stains on the walls or floor is an indication of long-term moisture in the house. Identify any water leaks behind the walls or other hidden surfaces. You can hire a mold removal company at for professional services. Here are some signs that you need mold removal:

Musty Odor

The unpleasant smell is proof that your home is infested by mold. The odor mainly comes from damp areas within the house. You will notice things smelling mustier than usual. The funky smell might sometimes be a result of dirt or dust but if you notice the smell is still there even after cleaning, it is definitely molded.

Inhaling the musty odor can result in health issues such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, and nausea. If the musty odor is not eliminated it can be more dangerous. Another sign is a nasty smell coming out of your air conditioner or heating system. To avoid the smell make sure your AC unit is checked regularly by a specialist.

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Having a Cold That Doesn’t Go Away

A mold reaction in your body can cause a runny nose and sneezing fits. Find out if your symptoms worsen if you spend time in a particular room.

Dealing with symptoms you can’t find the cause might also be a mold reaction. Try and spend some time away from home and then return. If you experience the same symptoms it is something more than a common cold or a virus.

Respiratory Issues

If you have been having difficulty in breathing or have some related respiratory problems such as asthma it could be a sign of mold in your house. Mold stuck on walls and the floor is the major cause.

The problems normally occur at night when you’re sleeping. Symptoms of asthma or pre-existing breaking problems might worsen especially after spending a long period at home. Schedule a doctor’s appointment and a mold inspection to prevent more symptoms.

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Paint and Wallpaper Peeling

Unusual peeling of wallpapers and paint and surface bubbling or cracking is an indication of moisture in the wall. Be aware of areas that appear damp or warped on the walls.

Some wallpapers might look discolored and rusty. Mold on the wall can appear in different shapes and colors and textures. The color might vary from green to dripping slime and grey fuzz. Check if there are any leaks in pipes and uncontrolled humidity.

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